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Who Are We

The way we do Residential Property Development

Da-Silva Builders fundamental goal is to build houses to house people. It’s that simple.

Our approach to achieving this goal is to take control of the entire process of providing housing to the residential market.

“We look from the outside in”

We make sure we’re always up to date with the property market to understand where and when there is a lack of supply and what price point the market is currently paying. Based on this invaluable information, we can target specific properties that meet the markets demand, thus reducing associated risk and ensuring we are developing what people want and need.

We believe this is the best business practice in any sector.

Our History

We have almost 20 years’ experience in residential construction, and almost 10 years’ experience in property development which provides a wealth of technical knowledge to carry out our projects and also gives a lot of confidence to anyone who deals with us.

“We’ve grown from builders into residential property developers.”

Residential Construction is a complex industry. Early on Da-Silva Builders face numerous frustrations with securing work, start dates, stretched budgets, cut throat pricing, missing out on tenders, client variations and all this was equating to a lack of success for Da-Silva Builders.

This frustration saw us move into Residential Property Development to take control of our own destiny which is fundamentally (and quite simply) to just build houses to house people.

Meeting the Market

One thing we can be sure of is the world is changing and evolving over time. The quarter acre dream is not as practical in cities and a lot of younger buyers don’t want to spend their time mowing lawns and gardening. Being on the cold face and talking to buyers gives us this insight and allows us to cater to the needs of buyers.

We provide housing in a variety of different ways, from medium density town houses, studio accommodation, free standing houses and high-density apartments. This approach helps cater to many different people in different situations with differing budgets.

We like to think we are playing our role (albeit small) in providing good quality property to the residential market.

Our Development Process

So basically knowing what the market demands are we scope out a property in a great location, carry out feasibility and analysis, negotiate the terms of purchase, secure a property for development, raise the finance, design the buildings and subdivision, generate a cost to complete budget, get all the necessary resource & building consents, carry out the construction, market and sell the homes to buyers either off plans or once complete. Job done!

Our Reputation

We navigate through the mine field of challenges involved in residential property development and subsequently have a proven track record of delivering high quality houses that are on time and on budget. We are award winning master builders and stand by our warranties. We always honour what we say we will do and hold ourselves accountable if mistakes are made. We have happy clients who refer our properties to others, which we think is a great measure as to how well you are doing.

Our Relationships

Good relationships in business are of paramount importance. We have long standing relationships with our financiers, professional consultants, suppliers & contractors, sales agents and of course our clients.

We protect those relationships by solving problems, adding value and delivering results, whilst being direct, honest, and completely transparent.

Our Team

Da-Silva Builders is a small team making a big impact. We run a tight ship and deliver around 75 residential dwellings each year.